Work Experience

I am currently working on a gaining a work experience placement I have looked into the National Theatre and The Almeida Theatre both in London. The Almeida TheatreĀ is currently offering a Stage Management work experience which I have applied to and now have to wait a month to see if I have been accepted on the work experience. Over the Christmas break I also plan to approach theatres within Birmingham and speak to relevant people in regards to this part of the module

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National Theatre

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The Almeida Theatre

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Work Experience

Following up my work experience at The Rep Theatre, Birmingham I sent out an email to them 3 weeks ago and have found out that they are now going into their Christmas Period and if I haven’t heard anything then they aren’t needing anyone for this period of time.

I will need to look at other placements in order for me to gain a work experience placement for this particular module.

Work Expereience Placement

I have been looking into doing work expereinece within Birmingham, as this is where I am from and would like to work in the future, I have looked at doing it at theatres such as The Rep Theatre, The New Alexandra Theatre and The Birmingham Hippodrome. I have chosen these theatres as I haven’t worked with anyone from there so this would be a great networking opportunity for me if I got a placement within one of these theatres. screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-14-05-56

The Rep Theatre is more of an place for acting where as the Hippodrome and The Alexandra Theatre is both Acting, Musicals and Dance as I would like to work on Musicals I think that it would benefit me more to work at the Hippodrom or The Alexandra theatre.

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