Website development

The below image you can see that I have further developed my website so that it now has a skills page within it. This is so that when professional practitioners visit the site they can see the Skills that I have been developing within my time within the industry/ my time on my course.

Skills development.jpg


Case Study Development

Within this picture you can see the Development of my website particularly the Case Study Part of my show in April 2015 of Little Shop of Horrors where I was a Deputy Stage Manager on the website I have included a picture, description of the what I did on the show and a youtube link to the show itself. Website Little Shop pic

Case Study Development

When we started working on my website we was set a task to come up with 3 case studies you can see from a pervious blog post that I chose to comment on Little Shop of Horrors as I was a Deputy Stage Manager on this show. I also chose to comment on Bonnie and Clyde The Musical which was a 3rd year show when I was in my 1st year again, for this show I was a Deputy Stage Manager and then I chose Made in Dagenham where I was a revolve operator for the show I chose those shows as I could evidence them and go into great detail of my role of the show. Case study development.jpg