Reflection on Wix and WordPress

This is my reflection for this module. Over the last few months I have been working on wordpress to show the development of the other modules I have been working on over the last year.

On this wordpress you can see things like Meeting Minutes, Rehearsal Notes, Rehearsal Call Sheets, Backstage calls. this is part of my job on my End of Year show as the Deputy Stage Manager.

And then you can see the academic work such as my SWOT analysis and my dissertation, all of which has been used to give me an online presence.

All though wordpress was easy to use I don’t think that an online blog in the industry would help me in the future although it gives the reader an insight into what the industry is like I don’t think that this is the way forward for me so I will no longer be using this site after this year.

Wix again easy to use but I plan to go onto doing a website development course to improve my skills in making a website for myself and making it look more professional so this is undecided whether I will be using this website again.

I have enjoyed the process of using Wix more then I have wordpress as within this industry it’s not what you know it’s who you know. If I am talking to a professional Stage Manager and I asked them to have a look at my blog they would more then likely not have the time to with them being so busy. In retrospect to this if I gave them a card with my website on they would be more then likely to look through this as it isn’t as long winded as going through a personal blog.

I believe that if you want to have an online presence of educating people in what the backstage industry does then a blog or a vlog would be great as many people do a blog with a short interview with a Stage Manger, Deputy Stage Manager and so on. However, the process of doing a blog is not that great unless you are into doing one which I am not I don’t believe in having to write a daily blog on what I have done on that day. I’m more of a person that would have a website and a paper portfolio to have to show what I have done previously. A paper portfolio would include programmes of the shows I have worked on before.

So this is me saying I believe that wordpress is a good site but just not for me and I am still under consideration of whether I am going to use my website. Who knows if I do this website development course I may even change it into something I’m a bit more happier with.

In the first few stages I was happy with my website however, as it came to the final development stages I wasn’t happy with the look so I hope I will have a better website in due course.

So and the end of this academic year I will be saying goodbye to wordpress!




Pre-show checks

The pre-show checks are conducted by the Stage Manager, Lighting Operator, Sound Operator and other personnel of the backstage team. This varies from each show with additions of followspot operators, flymen and etc. These are put in place to make sure that the stage and backstage areas are safe, all the lighting and sound equipment is functional. Once completed the Deputy Stage Manager will ask each department if they have completed it. Attached is the Pre-Show check list ready for the show.

Pre-show checklist

Backstage Calls

The Backstage calls are given by the Deputy Stage Manager during the show they tend to do this call 5 minutes before hand. e.g. if the show starts at 7pm the 1 hour call will be given at 5:55pm, half an hour 6:25pm and so on. “Beginners” is a call given to tell the cast that the show will start in 5 minutes and that they will be expected to come to the side of stage.

FOH stands for Front of House.

Pre-show checks are what the team conduct before the show which is shown within my pre-show checklist Backstage Calls