Agenda 4 for project

Attached is the 4th Agenda for my Creative Project agenda-4



So far this week I have created an action plan and showed it to my Creative Technologies tutor Andrew Brady who has agreed to it as a good schedule to go by this schedule will now be the setting stone, for the creative project. This schedule was a week by week plan of what needed to be done throughout the next few weeks.

I have started a contact sheet for my crew and started an inventory list of what I will need during the project. I have also written out the parts of the show that will form the creative project for myself as the Deputy Stage Manager and for the Director to look at.

The piece itself should run as a 45 minutes piece. There will be 2 audiences one watching the show and another watching what happens backstage. The backstage section will have 2 projection screens one showing the performance and one split into 4 sections showing the Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager, Lighting Operator and Sound Operator. The audiences will then switch so that they can see both elements of performance.

I have also organised a meeting with the Director this week to arrange a rehearsal schedule, a casting call and to talk to him about the project. This is meeting is designed to present myself as the Production Manager/Head of Tech/Lighting Designer and Deputy Stage Manager and to introduce the Stage Manager for the creative project and to set up a weekly rehearsal schedule from this week for us to attend.

I have also started to put together some Stage Management paperwork such as a Comms List, Contact Sheet, Character Frequency Chart and etc