Backstage Calls

The Backstage calls are given by the Deputy Stage Manager during the show they tend to do this call 5 minutes before hand. e.g. if the show starts at 7pm the 1 hour call will be given at 5:55pm, half an hour 6:25pm and so on. “Beginners” is a call given to tell the cast that the show will start in 5 minutes and that they will be expected to come to the side of stage.

FOH stands for Front of House.

Pre-show checks are what the team conduct before the show which is shown within my pre-show checklist Backstage Calls


Rehearsal Call Sheet 1

Rehearsal Call 1

A rehearsal call sheet is completed by the Stage Management Team it tells the team who is expected in rehearsals, the location of the rehearsals, and what is expected to be done in the rehearsals.

This is in regards to my end of year show of the Wild Party



The attached is my SWOT analysis which was part of the Industry Development module of my course. Within this I comment on my Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This should help me when I go out into my chosen industry as I can look back at what I believe I need to improve on from this assignment. This will help in development as a Deputy Stage Manager on my end of year show as again some Weaknesses are apart of this role so this will help me develop further.


Work Experience

I am currently working on a gaining a work experience placement I have looked into the National Theatre and The Almeida Theatre both in London. The Almeida Theatre is currently offering a Stage Management work experience which I have applied to and now have to wait a month to see if I have been accepted on the work experience. Over the Christmas break I also plan to approach theatres within Birmingham and speak to relevant people in regards to this part of the module

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The Almeida Theatre

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Rehearsal Process

During my idea of doing a show for my creative project there will need to be a rehearsal process and a process for all departments. the cast has now been sourced and as part of the development grade I need to take pictures of the “goings on” of the project. Here you can see the performers and me on in the rehearsal space. during this rehearsal I was helping the cast with timings of the songs and can be seen holding the script in front of the performers.

The Rehearsal space for this project is at the Hull College, Black Pig rehearsal space and the cast are 3 musical theatre students and 1 acting student with the Director being one of Hull College’s ex musical theatre students currently studying his PGCE with the college.


So far this week I have created an action plan and showed it to my Creative Technologies tutor Andrew Brady who has agreed to it as a good schedule to go by this schedule will now be the setting stone, for the creative project. This schedule was a week by week plan of what needed to be done throughout the next few weeks.

I have started a contact sheet for my crew and started an inventory list of what I will need during the project. I have also written out the parts of the show that will form the creative project for myself as the Deputy Stage Manager and for the Director to look at.

The piece itself should run as a 45 minutes piece. There will be 2 audiences one watching the show and another watching what happens backstage. The backstage section will have 2 projection screens one showing the performance and one split into 4 sections showing the Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager, Lighting Operator and Sound Operator. The audiences will then switch so that they can see both elements of performance.

I have also organised a meeting with the Director this week to arrange a rehearsal schedule, a casting call and to talk to him about the project. This is meeting is designed to present myself as the Production Manager/Head of Tech/Lighting Designer and Deputy Stage Manager and to introduce the Stage Manager for the creative project and to set up a weekly rehearsal schedule from this week for us to attend.

I have also started to put together some Stage Management paperwork such as a Comms List, Contact Sheet, Character Frequency Chart and etc

Dissertation Topic

During the initial stages of my Dissertation I have had many ideas the orginal concept for this was to do Stage Managemennt in the UK and the USA this would look at the Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Manager and the American equivalent of Company Stage Manager, Production Stage Manager and Stage Manager the ideas for this was too look at the individual roles at what they did within there roles I was also going to look at how the different teams differed and look at the different terminology with the 2 countries. This idea was dropped after talking to the dissertation tutor as there was no arguement within the essay.

My second topic of discussion was going to be the differences in Reciving and Production House Theatres, Reciving Houses have companies that use the theatre space and put on there productions at the theatre,  where as Producing Houses are more internal and put on their own productions and have their own departments. I was told after putting this idea forward to look at the history of theatre and this could be the starting point and my arguement for the essay, could be which type of theatre makes more money.

My third and final topic which I am now happy with is the role of the Deputy Stage Manager my first chapter will be the formation of the Deputy Stage Manager and the role in the modern day. The second and third chapters would be looking at the academic and the professional point of view of what skill sets are needed to become a Deputy Stage Manager this will look at Dance, Musicals and Acting performances this is where the arguement will lie which will be my conclusion will sum up with the arugment being what the academic side and the professional side says are the skill sets for the Deputy Stage Manager.

For academic research I will look at Stage Management books and Youtube videos on the role whereas professional view point will come from meetings with professional Deputy Stage Managers and surveys which can be sent out by the Stage Management Assoscation, who have agreed to help me get responses to the survey if needs be.