Pre-show checks

The pre-show checks are conducted by the Stage Manager, Lighting Operator, Sound Operator and other personnel of the backstage team. This varies from each show with additions of followspot operators, flymen and etc. These are put in place to make sure that the stage and backstage areas are safe, all the lighting and sound equipment is functional. Once completed the Deputy Stage Manager will ask each department if they have completed it. Attached is the Pre-Show check list ready for the show.

Pre-show checklist


Backstage Calls

The Backstage calls are given by the Deputy Stage Manager during the show they tend to do this call 5 minutes before hand. e.g. if the show starts at 7pm the 1 hour call will be given at 5:55pm, half an hour 6:25pm and so on. “Beginners” is a call given to tell the cast that the show will start in 5 minutes and that they will be expected to come to the side of stage.

FOH stands for Front of House.

Pre-show checks are what the team conduct before the show which is shown within my pre-show checklist Backstage Calls