Weekly Production Meeting Minutes

Attached are the weekly production meeting minutes for Wild Party meeting-minutes-5



As part of our Creative Futures Module today we looked at previous shows done by the college in order for us to evaluate ourselves on Set, Lighting and Sound elements of the performance we then went on to looking at performances of “The Wild Party” so that we could grasp what kind of set would do the, show justice the set itself  is very stylised and we also looked at a video on the 1920s in order to see the issues of the time we would all have to go away and research the different aspects of the 1920s and look at stylised theatre, to give the set that feel. We was also told that the Director wants some of the audience within the performance so we discussed different ideas about set and the Set Designer discussed what her ideas were for having audience on the stage and the positioning of the band, which could potentially be on decking to bring levels to the performance.