Agenda 4 for project

Attached is the 4th Agenda for my Creative Project agenda-4


Theatre Development

As Lighting Designer for the creative project I have been playing with Wysiwyg further in order to show the development of the show I have kept to the idea of having the audience split for the 2 sections of the performance however I have added other elements to the theatre to show my team and give them an overall look of the theatre.

Props Making

auction-panelWith my creative project being an performance I have started to make Props for the show, within said show there is an auction scene during performance and I have made old fashioned 1920’s auction paddles for the cast to use on stage and in the rehearsal space.

Within the images you can find the process to make the auction panels followed by a picture taken from the show for the desired effect that I would like.



Attached you can see the paper work for the comms list a comms list is a detailed synopsis of where each member of the team will be and what comms pack and headset they will be on. Usually done by the Stage Manager however, as most of my team are in the 2nd year they will be doing a Christmas festival and will have other obligations so the paperwork will be done by me