Previous Shows and Job Roles – Website Development.

Below is an image taken from my website which portrays what I have previously and currently doing in within the years of being apart of this industry – what I have done as part of my course as well as external shows.

Previous show deveolopment.jpg


Technical Agreement

Attached is the technical agreement for my creative project the Technical Agreement is an agreement between cast and crew on a show and outlines what each department will offer be in lighting, stage management, sound or AV agreement not only out line what we as the Technical and Production Teams offer it will out line what we expect of the cast. technical-agreement


This week I have started to play with What You See Is What You Get more commonly known as Wysiwyg this has been for my creative project as the Lighting Designer for my creative project show the image shows what I plan for the theatre to look like going with the idea of having a theatre that is split into 2 one for performance and the other for backstage performance. wysiwyg.jpg