Backstage Calls

The Backstage calls are given by the Deputy Stage Manager during the show they tend to do this call 5 minutes before hand. e.g. if the show starts at 7pm the 1 hour call will be given at 5:55pm, half an hour 6:25pm and so on. “Beginners” is a call given to tell the cast that the show will start in 5 minutes and that they will be expected to come to the side of stage.

FOH stands for Front of House.

Pre-show checks are what the team conduct before the show which is shown within my pre-show checklist Backstage Calls



The attached is my SWOT analysis which was part of the Industry Development module of my course. Within this I comment on my Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This should help me when I go out into my chosen industry as I can look back at what I believe I need to improve on from this assignment. This will help in development as a Deputy Stage Manager on my end of year show as again some Weaknesses are apart of this role so this will help me develop further.


Unions and Associations 

Today we looked at unions and associations such as the Association of Bristish Theatre Technicians (ABTT) the Stage Management Association (SMA) Equity and etc we looked st the benefits of joining them and what each association does for its members for example Equity gives out an card for its members and assists you with advice drawing up contracts and has its own rate of pay this is a union, the SMA has a direct link with equity but is an association to have full membership of the SMA you need 2 professional references that maybe Stage Managers and/or Production Managers the SMA also help you find work like the ABTT and offers training course and has forums for their members after looking into each union and association.

I joined the SMA as this could help me with my dissertation and hopefully with finding a job within Stage Management we also looked at our SWOT analysis which is our Strengths Weaknesses Oportunities and Threats and got feed back from our tutor mine needed more detail as I had just bullet pointed each thing and not analysed what I had said was a strength for example I listed Stage Management as a strength but didn’t specifically say what knowledge I hold within this team.

Work Expereience Placement

I have been looking into doing work expereinece within Birmingham, as this is where I am from and would like to work in the future, I have looked at doing it at theatres such as The Rep Theatre, The New Alexandra Theatre and The Birmingham Hippodrome. I have chosen these theatres as I haven’t worked with anyone from there so this would be a great networking opportunity for me if I got a placement within one of these theatres. screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-14-05-56

The Rep Theatre is more of an place for acting where as the Hippodrome and The Alexandra Theatre is both Acting, Musicals and Dance as I would like to work on Musicals I think that it would benefit me more to work at the Hippodrom or The Alexandra theatre.

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