Work Experience

I am currently working on a gaining a work experience placement I have looked into the National Theatre and The Almeida Theatre both in London. The Almeida Theatre is currently offering a Stage Management work experience which I have applied to and now have to wait a month to see if I have been accepted on the work experience. Over the Christmas break I also plan to approach theatres within Birmingham and speak to relevant people in regards to this part of the module

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National Theatre

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The Almeida Theatre

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Work Experience

Following up my work experience at The Rep Theatre, Birmingham I sent out an email to them 3 weeks ago and have found out that they are now going into their Christmas Period and if I haven’t heard anything then they aren’t needing anyone for this period of time.

I will need to look at other placements in order for me to gain a work experience placement for this particular module.

Creative Project Explained

The original idea for the creative project was to have one audience and have them watch both elements of the performance by this I mean there would be a performance on stage and a projection screen of what happens backstage, but on stage behind the performance with everyone on lapel mics however after conversations with tutor Andrew Brady I soon began to realise that this idea wouldn’t work.

I have decided on having 2 audiences for one section of a show this will include having one audience watching the performance and then another watching the backstage part of the show the project should roughly last 30 minutes in total,  including pre-setting the stage for both performances I need to have a look at the AV and Sound elements to see how this will work so I will be going into the theatre and hooking up cameras to the vision mixer, to see how to get a split screen on the positions of the Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager, Lighting Operator, Sound Operator and AV Operator.

I will also be looking at the element of Sound both of these aren’t my strong point but will need to be worked on before the technical rehearsal incase any of my team need help with any piece of the equipment.

I have also thought of the idea of having an introduction video with each role describing their roles so that the audience can get a grasp of what each role does during the production process. I will be going into a rehearsal of a show with the first and second years and sitting in on the mini-show that they are doing for the first years to experience how this industry works, during this I will be sat in the auditorium and wearing a comms headset listening into the backstage part and what’s happening on stage to see if this is the kind of effect I want for the audience to have. Another idea I have had with discussion with Andrew is to have the audience wearing headphones and get them linked into the backstage comms as the Deputy Stage Manager will have a locked on comms as they need to be heard at all times this means that the audience, can also hear the what’s happening on stage.

During this project I will act as the Production Manager, Head of Tech and Deputy Stage Manager the roles of Production Manager and Head of Tech will be new to me as I haven’t yet done them at a professional standard. I already have a Stage Manager on board for the project I just need to get through the planning phase and then start looking at the who I need in the Technical and Creative teams.

As Production Manager I will have meetings with my team and create schedules during for the process of Get-In, Technical and Dress Rehearsals as well as creating agendas for meetings and making sure that everyone is on top of the paper work that needs to be done.

As Head of Tech I will act as the Lighting Designer for the show this is a role I done in my second year and I understand the process of the Lighting Designer and the paper work that goes into the role, I will also be looking after the Technical Team and helping them in anyway shape or form that they need so for this role I will need to practice, the equipment that we have so I have an understanding of what to do if anything goes wrong during the rehearsals.

As Deputy Stage Manager I will attend rehearsals, prompt the performers once they are off script and take down blocking notes and send rehearsal notes to the relative people. During the shows I will be cueing the show with the operators staying true to the design and making sure that cues are the same for the operators. As the Deputy Stage Manager I will need to create a contact list, a character frequency chart which tells the Stage Manager who’s supposed to be on stage, meeting minutes, rehearsal notes and creating the prompt book which tells the Deputy Stage Manager when cues should happen during the show.

My aim for this show is to also make ties with the music production department and get them in as the band for the show I need to speak to tutor Steve Cutler so that I can see if I can still get them on board with the project, the aim for this project is to have everything live so that the audience can get an actual feel of how the theatre world works and feels during a show.

The major elements for this show that I need to work on is AV and Sound and getting into the theatre to work on these elements so that I can be that support to my team.

I also need to work with the director on getting a suitable cast for the show to make sure that the show goes to it’s full potential.

During the rehearsals I will be looking at the Lighting Design and making sure that the cast can get into the theatre to have a feel for the space that they have for the performance. Once I have got the go ahead after the presentation of our ideas for the project this my next obstacle will be getting a team and a cast and having meetings for with the people I need to.

Once I become the Deputy Stage Manager I will sit down with the Lighting, Sound and AV operators so that they have an understanding of the cues and make sure that they have made their cue sheets ready for the Cue-To-Cue and the Technical rehearsals. I will also sit down with the Stage Manager after and do a Show Report so that this can become a professional ending to the show. All documentation will go into a portfolio for my creative project.


Work Expereience Placement

I have been looking into doing work expereinece within Birmingham, as this is where I am from and would like to work in the future, I have looked at doing it at theatres such as The Rep Theatre, The New Alexandra Theatre and The Birmingham Hippodrome. I have chosen these theatres as I haven’t worked with anyone from there so this would be a great networking opportunity for me if I got a placement within one of these theatres. screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-14-05-56

The Rep Theatre is more of an place for acting where as the Hippodrome and The Alexandra Theatre is both Acting, Musicals and Dance as I would like to work on Musicals I think that it would benefit me more to work at the Hippodrom or The Alexandra theatre.

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