Rehearsal Process

During my idea of doing a show for my creative project there will need to be a rehearsal process and a process for all departments. the cast has now been sourced and as¬†part of the development grade I need to take pictures of the “goings on” of the project. Here you can see the performers and me on in the rehearsal space. during this rehearsal I was helping the cast with timings of the songs and can be seen holding the script in front of the performers.

The Rehearsal space for this project is at the Hull College, Black Pig rehearsal space and the cast are 3 musical theatre students and 1 acting student with the Director being one of Hull College’s ex musical theatre students currently studying his PGCE with the college.


Theatre Development

As Lighting Designer for the creative project I have been playing with Wysiwyg further in order to show the development of the show I have kept to the idea of having the audience split for the 2 sections of the performance however I have added other elements to the theatre to show my team and give them an overall look of the theatre.